Becoming healthy or healthier. It is something almost everyone has confronted themselves with at a point in life. Some want to do it because of the way they wish to look, some because of the way they wish to feel. Some because their overall health is important, some because they want a new challenge in life, some because they want balance. The list can go on forever. But whatever the reason for it is, the goal is the same: to be healthy. And I know, I have been there, it is not easy to become and more importantly maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle while not drifting into any extreme. It can be overwhelming, it can be frustrating and it will be challenging. BUT what is essential is that you at all times remember that IT IS POSSIBLE. You just need to work for it.

To make it a bit easier for you to become healthier and reach your goal I decided to start this series called „wholesome Wednesday“. Each Wednesday I will share a tip that will help you to become healthier! Each of those is just a small one but remember: many small steps make a huge difference!

Tip Nr. 1:

Start slowly. If you tell yourself that you will completely stop eating sugar from tomorrow you are very likely to get into it very quickly. If you start slowly on the other hand, and decide that you´ll only do 2 days a week on which you cut out the sugar it will be way easier to get healthy in the long term!

Tip Nr. 2:

A little does a lot. Instead of having a giant bowl of greens which you do not like, just add a handful into your meal so you will barely notice it. Like adding some mushrooms to your meatballs or burger patty, a little spinach in your tomato sauce, some tomatoes in your scrambled eggs or some zucchini to your smoothie. This way you get extra fibre and vitamins without much change of taste!

Tip Nr. 3:

No waste shopping: This weeks health tip is a little special. I thought I’d share a tip with you today that benefits both, us to get healthier, and the environment. #nowaste or #littlewaste ! My tip is to go food shopping to a local market or a bulk store with reusable shopping bags to get your groceries done.
The benefit for YOU: fresh produce on local markets have usually not spent much time traveling to get there (it’s more like farmer to table) and therefore contain way more vitamins still. Mostly, they also do not have fertilizer in them.
The benefit for ENVIRONMENT: When using reusable shopping bags or nets to pack the produce you safe SO MUCH packaging and plastic which might otherwise go into the ocean!
Every single little change makes a difference!

Tip Nr. 4:

Define healthy for yourself. It is hard to say that you want to become healthier if you do not define “healthy” for yourself. Is it being more active, is it having a healthy relationship with food, is it eating more vegetables, is it finding the balance. Whatever it may be, find it for yourself and write it down. This is super individual. And writing down what you actually want will help you to stick to it.

Tip Nr. 5:

Focus on one thing at a time. It is hard to improve if you are focusing on improving 10 things at the same time. It will be difficult to eat less sugar, eat more greens, sleep more, work out more, start doing meditation and drinking less sugary drinks all at once. You will lose control of what you actually want to do and prioritize. If it is most important to you to cut back on sugar then focus on that. Once this is normal to you, you can start focusing on the next thing.